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Like I find the suitable filter for my vehicle?

To find out the suitable filter for your vehicle or for your machine, it is the best if you have at hand the filter obstructed at the moment. There you ordinarily find a filter, or spare part number printed.
It makes no difference with whether it concerns with this filter number an original spare part number of the vehicle manufacturer, or whether it concerns the article number of a filter manufacturer.
You can register the number printed on the filter on our Internet site on the comparative list. Then our system finds the corresponding filter and indicates you the price as well as further information to the filter.

search about catalogues

If you have no spare part number ready, you can pick out your suitable filter also about the catalogues on our Internet site.
However, besides, it is important that you really pick out the right vehicle, or the right machine. If you do not know single dates about your machine, (e.g., the exact type name) you do not advise please any type in hope to have found out the right machine.
It are often obstructed for the same vehicle from certain construction years other filters!

search of your passenger car with the help of a key number KBA

If you search filter for your passenger car and which do not have at hand at the moment obstructed filter, or if there no spare part number is readable, you can find your suitable filter also about the KBA search.

For every passenger car model an unequivocal number will award from the German strength journey Federal Office. This number can be used to search your vehicle and to find out therefore the suitable filters for it.

The key numbers KBA exist of 3 blocks. Decisively for the search for the suitable filters the key numbers are "to 2" and the first 3 places of the bowl number "to 3".

You find out the key numbers to your passenger car about your vehicle light. In the following we point you where you find the bowl numbers in your vehicle light:

If your vehicle light after the 1st of October, 2005 was displayed:

If your vehicle light before October, 2005 was displayed:

exception: Re import vehicles

If it concerns with your vehicle a so-called "Re import" the key number exists "to 2" merely of zeros. Unfortunately, in this case you cannot find your filters about the key number KBA.